A Sherry Cocktail | The Rebujito

Celebrate the beginning of Sherry fortnight with a refreshing Fino Sherry based cocktail, “The Rebujito”.


Rebujito is the diminutive of rebujo, which can mean a ‘tangle’ or a ‘badly wrapped package’. But this cocktail is far from a mess: starting with the base of sherry,  lemon and lime juice, and soda is added along with some mint, mixed and served, mostly in the spring and summer fiestas del pueblo, or village festivals.

José Ferrer is a sherry expert and wine columnist for El Mundo. For him, the secret to the rebujito lies in its capacity to refresh: “The famous spring festivals of Seville and Jerez are celebrated in April and May, when temperatures reach above 80º. They are basically one long socializing session, which means continuous toasting. The rebujito is a great ally—it cuts your alcohol intake while helping combat the heat.”

We will be serving this cocktail at our Sherry and Tapas Night, this Friday 17th of June from 6pm onwards.

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