Limited Edition Whisky 2018 Releases from Springbank

We have a limited allocation of some of the most sought after whiskies in the world from the Springbank Distillery in Campbeltown.


Springbank was established in 1828 on the site of Archibald Mitchell’s illicit still. The distillery is now in the hands of their current Chairman, Hedley G. Wright, Mitchell’s great, great grandson – the fifth generation of the Mitchell family to own and manage Springbank.

Being based in Campbeltown, the once proclaimed ‘whisky capital of the world’, it is no surprise that many of the methods established by their forefathers are still applied in the distillery today. They use traditional production methods and are involved in each and every step of the whisky making process – meaning their whisky is the most handmade in Scotland.

Passion and skill are poured into every last drop during production; ensuring whisky drinkers consistently enjoy the tastes and characteristics that have become synonymous with Springbank, Hazelburn and Longrow, the three distinct single malts made at their distillery.

Each year they release a selection of limited edition whiskies that are some of the most sought after  in the world. Here is the selection:

Hazelburn Oloroso Barrel aged 13 year old £65 – This release is limited to just 12,000 bottles. Matured in oloroso barrels, the whisky takes on intense flavours from this oxidative style of sherry. Available here.

Longrow 18 Years Old £98 – The whisky is aged in 60% Sherry casks and 40% Bourbon casks. Just 4,800 bottles produced. Available here.

Springbank 21 Year £205 – Only 3700 bottles made of this year’s release. Aged in 70% Rum and 30% Bourbon barrels. Available here.

The next two whiskies are incredibly limited with just single casks made of each whisky. Due to their rarity, we ask that you support the Springbank distillery by buying one of these bottles in the same purchase: Longrow 18YO, Springbank 12 YO (cask strength) or the Springbank 21 YO .

Longrow Single Cask 16 Years Old £95 – Only 360 bottles made of this unique whisky. It was aged for 7 years in a fresh Bourbon Barrel and 9 years in fresh Chardonnay Barrique. Available here.

Hazelburn Single Cask 10 Years Old  £70 – Just 270 bottles produce. This whisky is a aged in a re-charred Bourbon Hogshead. Available here.


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