Sulphur Free Wines

We are increasingly being asked for wines with low or even no added sulphur.  Sulphur is a natural occuring product of the winemaking process, however sulphur or sulphites are often added to wines as a preservative, to prevent oxidation and the wine from spoiling.

It is often the case with bulk wines they use large amounts of sulphur (as well as other additives) to keep the wine stable and this can change the profile of a wine.  For  those who are sensitive and have bad reactions to sulphur, drinking sulphur free wines are a way of reducing the negative reaction. These wines more often than not are from smaller wineries where they can carefully control each step of the winemaking process and therefore minimise the need to use sulphur. We find that wines lower in sulphur or with no added sulphur tend to have a more unique taste reflecting the place they are from. Often the wines are also organic or biodynamic and therefore have less impact on the environment than those that are not.

Below are a list of our no added sulphur wines. We also have an extensive range of minimal added sulphur wines in the shop.

Domaine Klur Cremant d’Alsace, Sans Souffre, NV

This biodynamic estate has just 7 hectares of land and is farmed organically and bio-dynamically. This is a blend of Pinot Blanc and Pinot Auxerrois. The nose is bursting with ripe apple notes as well as toasted brioche. It has a nice citrus finish that refreshes the palate.

Domaine Le Croix Senaillet Saint Veran, Sans Souffre, 2014

Simon and I found a barrel of this San Souffre cuvée on a recent trip to the Macon. It has a really expressive nose of ripe apple, cinammon spice and citrus. It has a wonderfully textured palate and finishes long and with a mineral edge.

Aroa Garnacha, Sin Sulphites, Navarra, Spain

A juicy, brambly red from Navarra. This wine is organic and handcrafted and made with minimal intervention in the winery to allow the vineyard to express itself in the wine.

Chateau du Cedre, Extra Libre, Cahors Sans Sulphites (Malbec)

In 2002 at Chateau Du Cedre they got rid of all chemicals and moved to organic farming with the estate being certified in 2012. The wine has a gorgeous spicy nose along with concentrated black fruit.

Cecchin Malbec, Sins Sulphites, Mendoza, Argentina

A full bodied red from Argentina with no sulphur added. It has dark black fruit notes typical of the grape variety. Full bodied on the palate but with balance.

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