A Focus on Port : Niepoort

Niepoort is an independent family business since 1842. The wines are stored, blended, aged, bottled, labelled in their Vila Nova de Gaia cellars.


Port an overview

Port is a fortified wine that is made by adding brandy to arrest the fermenting grape musts, this results in a wine that is both sweet and high in alcohol.

White Port

White port is made from white grapes like Malvasia, Viosinho and Gouveio. Serve chilled as aperitif or simply on its own at the end of a meal.


Made from red grapes these wines age in very large vats with minimum air contact. The wine retains its bright red colour and fruit. Serve after dinner, with chocolate desserts or some cheese.

Tawny Port

These wines are ageing in small oak casks allowing more oxidation than the vats that are used for ruby port. Tawny ports are ready to drink as soon as they are bottled. They are fresh, light and have soft sweet tannins. In Portugal this style of port is preferred over the Ruby style as it is lighter and can be chilled which is ideal in the warm climate. Match tawny port to cheese, desserts with caramel notes or dried fruit.

Niepoort Port Selection

Niepoort Dry White, 750ml  BUY NOW!

Made in a traditional style the final blend includes wines aged in oak casks with an average of 3-5 years. The port has notes of nuts and almonds. Serve chilled as an aperitif or with tonic water, ice and a slice or lemon or orange for a longer refreshing drink.

10 Year old White 750ml BUY NOW!

An individual and distinct white port made for the first time by Niepoort as a result of exceptional quality of a few parcels of old White ports. This has a more intense nose and palate with notes of dried fruit, figs, nuts but with a lovely acidity that keeps it fresh. Serve chilled as an aperitif or with fruit based desserts.

Ruby Dum, Niepoortland, 750ml BUY NOW!

This young ruby port is dominated by notes of red cherries and plums. It has an average age of 3 1/2 years. This is a very well balanced port.

Tawny Dee, Niepoortland, 750ml  BUY NOW!

This is aged in small oak casks for around 3 1/2 year. It is slightly lighter in style to the ruby dum but still has a vibrant fruitiness along with notes of dried stone fruit.

LBV 2012 750ml or 375ml BUY NOW!

This ages for 4-6 years in oak (as opposed to 2-3 for vintage). LBV fills the gap between the rubies and vintage ports, where the ruby should be drunk young and vintage takes 15-20 years to open up, the LBV has a more mature character but is earlier drinking. (it can also be noted that the quality of the LBV is so high that is can be aged for 15-20 years happily).

Niepoort Senior Tawny, 750ml BUY NOW!

Our best selling Port year round, this tawny is an average age of 8 years old and is packed in a squat bottle (with moustache logo!). The port has notes of caramel and dried fruit. It as a velvety mouthfeel and finishes fresh and complex. Match to cheese or chocolate based desserts. It can also be drunk as an aperitif . Serve at room temperature or slightly chilled depending on preference.

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