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Domaine Guiberteau is far from unknown, with the wines being listed in many fine restaurants all over the world. For its relatively ‘new’ found fame the wines are certainly making some impact.

The Domaine is now in its third generation, but it was only really in 1996 when third generation member Romain Guiberteau took the reigns (after leaving law school early) that the Domaine started gaining a following. Romain was mentored by local winemaking legend Nady Foucault of Clos Rougeard fame which gave him knowledge and inspiration, and it was this combined with their excellent vineyard sites that a decision was made to stop selling grapes to the local co-operative.

The Domaine produces around 25,000 bottles a year, they have just over 9 hectares of vines in total with around 7 hectares on the prime site of Brézé. The aim is to make the purest expression of Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc possible. They work organically and have done since 2003, but they do not include the certification mark on the bottles. The Monopole or single vineyard wines are only made in good years.

Our tasting in their cellar began with the red wines all made from Cabernet Franc.

Moulins 2018

This wine is a blend from two villages and from younger vines. The wine goes into tank for around 6 months and then is bottled in the Spring. This is a young, fruity style with vibrant cherry fruit and fine tannins.

Domaine Guiberteau Saumur Rouge 2018

Most of the grapes for this wine come from Les Arboises, on the limestone rich Brézé hill. 40% of the wine is aged in oak tank and 20% in barrel with the rest in stainless steel. The nose is complex with sweet cherry notes, on the palate more cherries and wild strawberries, it has really fine tannins and the oak is integrated. This is a red wine that can cellar 5-10 years easily.

And then onto the whites;

Domaine Guibertau Saumur Blanc, 2018

On the nose white peach, the palate is quite light, mineral and citrus with a touch of apple and lemon. The 2018 was unusual in that the wine took on some grassy/Sauvignon Blanc like characters!

Les Moulins Saumur Blanc, 2018

Grapes for this wine come from the Montreuil vineyard, it has a richer nose than the Domaine white, ripe apple notes and more texture on the palate. An exciting racy white wine now, that will develop texture and complexity with age.

Clos de Guichaux 2017

This wine is from one of the two Monopoles in Brézé, fermentation happens in oak tank and barrel and the vineyard site is green limestone, iron, sand and silex which gives the wine a salty note. The wine has an amazing texture with riper apple and tropical notes. The wine finishes pure and mineral.

Clos des Carmes, 2015

Another of the Monopole wines, this is a wine for long ageing. The wine has smoky notes, it is even broader on the palate that the Clos de Guichaux and the finish is fresh but generous. The wine will gain richness and texture with ageing.

Brézé, 2016

Brézé is a hill of tuffeaux sitting relatively high above the surrounding vineyards, chalky limestone is mixed with clay and sand. This is a unique terroir for Saumur that give the wines a purity and minerality not seen in the other wines. This is a wine to rival a fine white Burgundy, it has depth and complexity and the ability to age.

We are happy to be able to offer our small allocation of these wines to you on a first come first serve basis!

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