New additions to Our Summer Beer Range



Magic Rock

 From Huddersfield, this producer was established in 2011. They have already won numerous awards for their  innovative and groundbreaking brews.

Dark Arts Surreal Stout 330ml 6%- Dark Arts blends four malts and bags of whole hops to deliver a decadently deep and indulgent experience. A luxuriously smooth mouthfeel, is followed by spicy hop notes and full flavours of chocolate, liquorice, blackberries and figs. The finish is rich and satisfying with a lingering roasted bitterness. Our stout will convert you to the dark side. £2.30


An exciting brewery based in Manchester, Cloudwater are out to put Northern British brewing on the world map. Their beers are exciting and new bringing together British brewing knowledge with a passion for new brewing techniques and flavours.

Mittelfrüh Helles 440ml 5.2% – Cloudwater’s first Helles, a delicate balance between the flavours from low colour Golden Promise malt, S189 yeast and Mittelfrüh hops. £4.50

IPL Vic Secret Comet 440ml 6.2% – Combining the thirst quenching drinkability of a premium lager with hoppiness of our IPA, this India Pale Lager features Vic Secret and Comet hops. £4.75

IPA Chinook Vic Secret 440ml 6.5% – Chinook takes the lead in this juicy, hoppy IPA, backed up by Vic Secret and fruity esters from WLP095 yeast. £4.95

Motueka Pilsner 440ml 5.6% – In the first iteration of Cloudwater’s new Pilsner recipe, Motueka takes the lead backed up by Mittelfrüh. £4.30

Unity Brewery

Launched in late 2016 by head brewer Jimmy Hatherley, Unity is a Southampton brewery, committed to making flavourful, sophisticated and innovative beer.

Congregate Table Beer 330ml 4.2%-  Inspired by the hoppy Pilsners of the Czech Republic and the low ABV Patersbiers brewed by Belgian Trappist monks to drink at mealtimes. £2.30

Conflux Pale Ale 330ml  4.8%- Aromatic and juicy, this beer is brewed with English ale yeast, local floor-malted barley and loaded with fruity, expressive hops. £2.40

Coalescence Saison 330ml 5.4% – inspired by Belgian farmhouse ales. Brewed with spelt malt for a rustic, wheaty nuttiness and spiced to add extra aromatic dimensions and complexity. £2.30

Almagamation Triple De Houblon 750ml 8% – Amalgamation is part Tripel, part Belgian IPA. A mix of ideas, it starts off as a classic Belgian Tripel recipe with coriander seeds and noble hops. Then dry hopped with Mosaic Hops. £7.50


Moor Brewery

Moor Brewery was re-born in 2007. Originally from the Somerset levels, this brewery is now  based in Bristol.

Nor’Hop 330ml 4.1% – This ultra-pale ale is brewed with a limited availability hop from America to impart a pronounced floral and citric quality to the beer. This beer had been so anticipated that in less than two weeks of release it had won a beer festival gold medal and sold out. Not wanting to disappoint its many fans, it was re-brewed and added Moor’s list of permanent beers where it continues to be the benchmark for the best bitter style. £2.70

Beavertown Brewery

8-Ball Rye IPA 330ml 6.2% – Dry Nevada desert! never-ending vistas. Americana. This brew is a nod to the big IPA’s of the US. A big chunk of Rye is used to give the beer a spicy, earthiness, mashed up with Cara malts to create a rich, bold mouthfeel. Zesty Southern hemisphere and american hops are used in abundance to balance the residual sweet malt character. Masses of dry hops are plied after fermentation to spike a wild blend of tropical, spicy aromas. £2.90

Palmers Brewery

A traditional family-run independent brewery, established in Bridport, Dorset in 1794.

Dorset Gold 500ml 4.5% – Lightly hopped, golden premium ale. A refreshing, zesty and thirst-quenching beer, from the heart of Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. £2.55

Tally Ho! 500ml 5.5% – Strong, complex and full of deep distinctive flavours. A rich fruit cake flavour from roasted malt.  £2.55

Palmers 200 500ml 5% – Full bodied, rich and malty, with a distinctive hop character. First brewed in 1994 to celebrate 200 years of brewing at Palmers. So popular that it is now their flagship premium ale. £2.55

Vibrant Forest Brewery

Lymington’s very own craft brewery, nestled on the edge of the New Forest. Their passion is to brew beers full of exceptional flavour.

Zuur Belgian Sour 330ml 3.5% – They alternate the recipe on every batch with seasonal fruits and American hops. This most recent batch has Mosaic hops which gives a creamy tropical flavour. Very refreshing and tart! £2.80

Necropolis Imperial Black IPA 330ml 8.1% – A super intense version of their standard black IPA, this dials all the flavours up to 12! £3.70

Saigon Chinook IPA 330ml 7.1% – They have amped their Pale recipe to render a beer bursting with juicy grapefruit and mandarin that ends in a mighty blast of bitterness. Their monument to the CHinook hop. £3.20

Flack Manor Brewery

An independent brewery based in Romsey, Hampshire. Focus on the best of traditional method brewing.

Double Drop 500ml 3.7% – A classic amber bitter with the full flavour of Maris Otter barley and the bitter citrus after notes of Sovereign hops. £2.75

Flack Catcher 500ml 4.4% – A clean distinctive rich golden ale with an initial sweetness smoothly spiced with a crisp bitter finish leading to an old fashioned zesty linger. £2.60

Hedge Hop 500ml 4.9% – The rich amber colour reveals a deep biscuity maltiness balanced with exotic fruits and spiciness from Challenger, Pilot and English new world Cascade hops. £2.80


 This Summer we will be bringing a greater variety of exciting beers in small quantities, so do pop in to check out what’s new.

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